“Kate Moss Family”

Every single part of the universe is defined by its relations to other parts and humans are no exceptions. Humans are not separated from things. Our knowledge about ourselves and universe is the result of our interactions with other people in our limited environment and under the effect of inanimate objects in that environment. In this regard, the behavior pattern of members of a family is similar, and like any other system, the whole family leaning towards a kind of a balance.

But, in an isolate family, the situation is different and there is no tendency toward any kind of balance. Each member of this basic system sees him/herself an independent separate individual lives in a glass frame which limits their autonomy and externalization. As so, individual’s identity in this closed frame is not affected by external conditions, and what we call continuity in culture, remains closed forever. In this series, the focus is on social and emotional identity of women in such chaotic and restricted families and on how they affect other members of family even from inside their limited, closed surroundings.

Mahsa Alikhani


Kate Mos Family | C-print | Edition of 5 | 90 x 135 cm | 2013


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